Smt. Krishna Devi Auditorium

Smt. Krishna Devi Auditorium spread in an area of nearly 5,000 Sq. Ft. built on the second floor of Sir Jawahar Singh Public School. A decorated stage with adjacent backstage can help the performances look even better. The auditorium can accommodate 1,000 students for any function or event. We have special Wall at the back of the auditorium which we call "Wall of Fame". The memories of the functions and events of the school from the beginning can be seen here in the form of pictures.

School Campus

The school is spread over 5 acre in Saraswati Nagar .The school building is designed after considering all safety measures and have architectural grandeur. It has well furnished, airy and well maintained class – rooms, labs and activity rooms. The campus leaves a magnificent spectacle. There is ample open space and school is proud of its lush green playground, lawns also with volley ball court, basket – ball court, lawn – tennis court, badminton court, swimming pool and skating rink. The school owns 4 auditoriums which are very useful to the students for organizing debates, plays, poem, recitation, bhajan competitions etc.
Here are some of the exhilarating features of our school:

  • Classes from Nursery till 10th with highly qualified staff.
  • Each class has just two sections, Rose and Lotus.
  • Laboratories such as Science lab and Computer lab with latest equipments.
  • To keep the children fit, we have Volleyball ground, Cricket ground and Badminton.
  • Library to keep the students updated on each subject.

Computer Laboratory

We are living in the age of globalization which in itself is an outcome of technology and communication and information technology. And a centre of all this in a school is a computer lab. Computer Lab at Sir Jawahar Public School is fully networked and equipped with latest computers to accommodate 40 students proves technology is not simply taught as a ‘stand alone’ class; rather every effort is made to incorporate technology as an information gathering tool into the subject specific area. We challenge our students and inspire them to expand their way of thinking. As our students begin to truly believe in themselves and their abilities, they develop the skills to succeed in school and life.
Here we introduce our students with compact form of computers i.e. is laptops & inbuilt touchpad.

Science Laboratory

As the educators it is our responsibility to equip with our children with competencies to face the world and groom them with expertise and to pursue excellence to be a part of the change. Education and knowledge are imparted practically in our school labs. The labs at Sir Jawahar Singh Public School are safe, spacious, ventilated and well-equipped to accommodate more than 40 students to support cutting edge experimentation. The laboratories in our institution include:


Inter Section Activities

  • Slogan Writing:
  • Slogan Writing Competition was conducted, in which students from class IX to XII participated and showed their talent.

  • Poetry Recitation:
  • Poetry Recitation Competition was held in school for class III to V. All the students recited the poem beautifully.

  • Hindi Quiz:
  • Hindi Quiz Competition is conducted for classes VI to VIII.

  • Bhajan Singing:
  • Bhajan Singing Competition is organised in the school for VI to VIII students.


Many parents today spent their childhood riding their bikes and playing games like baseball or dodgeball on side streets and in neighbors' backyards. Many children today spend much of their time indoors, playing games on their tablets or watching television. The American Academy of Pediatrics says lots of unstructured outdoor play is critical to the health of children, though many have experienced a marked decline in the time they spend in free play. Our school has:

  • Volleyball Court
  • Cricket Ground
  • Badminton Court